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Family says video shows Vallejo rapper not alert when killed by police

VALLEJO (KRON) - The family of an aspiring rapper who was shot and killed by Vallejo police last month said he was not alert when officers opened fire. 

Twenty-year-old Willie McCoy was killed at a Taco Bell drive-thru on Feb. 9. 

Police say they were responding to a call about McCoy being unresponsive in his vehicle with a handgun in his lap. 

Responding officers surround his car to prevent any sudden movements, authorities say. 

Officers say that McCoy woke up and didn't listen to their commands. 

His family viewed the police body cam footage last week and now they want the public to see it. 

His cousin, David Harrison, says the officers never identified themselves when calling for McCoy to raise his.

"Willie was unharmed," Harrison said. "He was never coherent. They shot him all of those times while he was asleep."

Harrison said in the body cam video it appears police did not have a clear plan on what to do. 

He believes the officers were not concerned with keeping McCoy alive. 

"He was executed by a firing squad," he said. "How many shots does it take to stop a threat?" 

The family's attorney was not allowed to view the video, but Harrison wants the video to be released to the public. 

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