OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – An Oakland family is still searching for answers in the deadly shooting of their loved one. It’s now been exactly one year since the co-owner of a popular Filipino restaurant was killed. Still, no one has been arrested.

Eleven-year-old Kiah Anabo witnessed the shooting that took the life of his father Jun Anabo. With no arrests made, the family is desperate for closure and justice. 

“What I miss most about my dad is how he used to care for the community, care for everyone before himself,” he said. 

Kiah has spent the last year without his father after witnessing his killing. He’s still coming to terms with a life without him. 

Jun Anabo was the co-owner of the restaurant Lucky Three Seven. He was shot on the night of May 18 last year near his restaurant on Brookdale Avenue.

“Kiah watched the whole thing… in front of him. That’s not for any 11-year-old,” said Jun’s sister Analyn Novenario. 

Anabo’s killer has yet to be caught. The family wants justice now so that Kiah can focus on grieving.

“I would love for him to have that security. The person who took his father is put away and he can actually live a life just remembering my brother,” Novenario said. 

During the investigation, Oakland police released photos of the suspected killer’s getaway car, which you can see in the video above.

“The vehicle that we were looking for… that has since been recovered. There are no other outstanding vehicles that we are looking for at this time,” said OPD Lieutenant Hamann Nguyen. 

However, OPD later corrected the statement from Nguyen to clarify that they are still looking for the vehicle in the photos released. There is a $25,000 reward for information leading to it being located.

Police say the motive is still not known, but they have a few leads.

“We have a person of interest. We have made numerous interviews with several people still working through those leads now,” Nguyen said. 

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Police did not give further information on the person of interest, only saying they are local. OPD says it’s difficult to put all resources into cases like this with the high rate of violent crime combined with an understaffed department.

“Definitely a drain on the resources. We had an extremely busy weekend this past weekend and as you know, officers that assist us with our cases are also assisting with other cases like shootings, robberies, burglaries,” Nguyen said. 

With Anabo’s birthday coming up on June 1, his family is hoping that speaking out will inspire someone to come forward with information.

“My son was a great man, a great father, wonderful to his community,” said Anabo’s mother Angelita Anub. “If there is any information out there about his tragic death, please call the Oakland Police Department to get this vile person out of the community.”

This case is personal for many officers who frequented Anabo’s restaurant. They knew him well. He worked with the department to feed the homeless.

Anyone with information is asked to call OPD.