WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) – A Walnut Creek woman has been missing since the middle of June after her trip to Joshua Tree National Park.

We first covered this story when she vanished and now her family has renewed their plea for anyone who sees her to alert authorities.

“Just please call the police so we can bring her home,” Ruth Lloyd said.

“Her family is waiting for her and her son is missing his mom,” Wayne Lloyd said. 

37-year-old Erika Lloyd is a Walnut Creek resident who has been missing since June 14, 2020. Her mother Ruth Lloyd recalls speaking to her daughter that day.

“She sounded like she was driving. She was speaking very rapidly. It was just hard to make out exactly what she was saying,” Ruth said. 

2-days later, Erika Lloyd’s 2006 Honda Accord was found abandoned about 19-miles outside Joshua Tree Village on Shelton Road.

“I would just say a desolate dirt road,” Officer Casey Simmons said. 

California Highway Patrol Officer Casey Simmons says investigators found no evidence on the roadway consistent with a traffic accident even though the vehicle had suffered some damage.

“There was damage to the front end along with the windshield and back window. So it looked like it might have been involved in a traffic collision. There were items still in the vehicle. It didn’t look like any items were taken out of the vehicle,” Simmons said. 

Ruth and Wayne Lloyd says they learned from Erika’s friends that she spoke of needing a little break from the stress related to the pandemic.

“Her business got shutdown because of COVID. She had no income. She was homeschooling her child and it was just getting to her,” Ruth said. 

Wayne Lloyd says investigators with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office see no signs of foul play.

“It is reassuring and it gives us hope that she is still out there,” Wayne said.

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