SAN MATEO, Calif. (KRON) – The family of a 93-year-woman who died after being served dishwashing solution instead of juice is filing a lawsuit against Atria Park — the nursing home in charge of taking care of her.

Three people were rushed to the hospital the weekend of Aug. 27. The lawsuit claims 93-year-old Trudy Maxwell was giving detergent stronger than Drano. Maxwell and another man, 93-year-old Peter Schroeder died following the incident. Schroeder’s family has also filed a lawsuit in relation to the case.

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The investigation continues and so far authorities have not said it was an accident or criminal in nature. 

In a separate incident, a 94-year-old man died at the Walnut Creek Atria facility. While the facility claimed he had a reaction to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, his family maintains his death was also caused by cleaning solution.