VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) – A Vallejo family is suing the school district, saying their son  — 17-year-old student Kevon DeLeon — should still be alive. 

DeLeon was a special needs student at the district’s Everest Academy. The family says their son somehow wandered off of the school grounds, suffered a medical emergency, and died days later.

DeLeon was set to graduate this year and he would’ve celebrated his 18th birthday. His family says they’re angry at the school district and they’re accusing staff of not enough supervision before his death last September.

“I’m mad because, you know, that should not have ever have happened,” said Kevon’s legal guardian and grandmother Reauchan DeLeon Watson. “He should’ve been allowed to leave school.”

Watson says Kevon walked at least two miles away from the school before anyone noticed he was gone. He was later found after suffering from multiple seizures and was taken to the hospital. He died just days later.

Watson doesn’t understand how her grandson who had known disabilities was able to be on his own, without supervision.

“This is just absolutely intolerable, it’s reprehensible and so it’s our hope that this action will bring about change to ensure that Vallejo Unified School District doesn’t allow this type of conduct to occur in the future,” said Bryan Harrison, an attorney representing the DeLeon family.

Harrison is representing Kevon’s family in a lawsuit against Vallejo City Unified School District. The suit is seeking to bring about change for students with disabilities.

“It is a student like Kevon who doesn’t get the resources dedicated to him and that’s how something tragic like this happens,” said attorney Jamie Wright.

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Kevon’s aunt says he was creative, funny and loving. His family says the district needs to be held accountable for what happened.

“I want to see some change done within the district. The whole family wants change,” Watson said.

The attorneys representing Kevon’s family say significant financial damages are being looked at, but their primary concern is improving school life for special education students. The school district says they have not received the lawsuit and they will not comment on pending litigation.