MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Cowgirl Creamery is closing its last retail shop at Point Reyes Station. The famous cheese shop is a beloved part of the bay area food scene.

KRON4 caught up with fans who made the trip to west Marin after hearing the news.

“I was a bit sad,” said Caroline Neri from Livermore.

“A little disappointed that they are going to be closing,” said Kristin Lewin who came from Walnut Creek.

“It’s kind of disappointing to hear that but I definitely wanted to come support,” said Greg Perieff from San Francisco. “We’ve been coming for years and they got the best cheese in the Bay Area.”

People traveled from Livermore, Walnut Creek, and San Francisco. Cowgirl Creamery fans visited the shop at Point Reyes Station on Sunday.

The beloved location is closing after 25 years.

“A friend of mine from San Francisco she posted it on Instagram that Cowgirl Creamery is closing,” Neri said. “We’ve been here before, so we thought well it’s a good excuse to come back to Point Reyes and enjoy maybe one last time.”

The announcement was posted on social media this month. A statement from cowgirl creamery reads in part quote:

“The decision to close our Point Reyes station location was incredibly difficult to make, but it was a necessary decision for the sake of the overall business – there are significant environmental constraints and logistical challenges with operating a retail shop in such a remote location.”

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The Point Reyes shop is where it all started — known for crafting its own artisan cheese using organic milk from local cows. Just last year, Cowgirl closed its Ferry Building shop in San Francisco due to the pandemic.

“I was really excited when they had gone to the Ferry Building as well it’s kind of a shame that they’re going to be closing down the retail store but I’m hoping they will be found somewhere else,” said Perieff.

The company noted cheese making will still go on in their Petaluma plant and customers will be able to purchase cheeses at retailers nationwide. But the shop will be closing after Labor Day, Sept. 5.

KRON4 reached out to Cowgirl Creamery for comment and received the following statement from Managing Director, Pamela Dressler:

“The decision to close our Point Reyes Station location was incredibly difficult to make, but it was a necessary decision for the sake of the overall business. Point Reyes Station was the home of Cowgirl for many years, and it will always be a cornerstone of our story and who we are, but there have long been challenges with maintaining a retail shop and cheesemaking facility in this location. For instance, we are unable to service our customers in a comfortable manner long-term – we are unable to build bathroom facilities – and we are unable to scale Red Hawk production and meet the demands of existing and new consumers should we stay at this location. Both of these considerations were evaluated and thought was given to long term water usage and other needs. There were no easy solutions.”

“We have a newer, modern creamery that opened in Petaluma in 2017 with the guidance and vision of our founders, and Red Hawk production will move there in early 2023 once we have perfected the Red Hawk cheesemaking process at that location. Our Barn Shop & Cantina will remain open through Labor Day with the final day being Monday, September 5. We’re sad and feeling this loss, too, but we’re looking forward and focusing on what we do best: crafting incredibly delicious, artisan American cheeses.”