SAN JOSE (KRON) — The Bay Area is fired up with 49ers fever ahead of The Big Game.

Red and Gold can be seen on the road, on the sidewalks, in tattoos and on the side of buildings.

Long-time fan Robert Torres was one of the many 49er fans who got a photo on Friday with the South Bay’s newest tribute to the 49er Faithful.

“Very impressive,” Torres said. “It’s really nice that somebody took the time to do this.”

Commissioned by the 49ers and brought to life by “The Illuminaries” group, the eye-popping mural at the corner of San Fernando and South Montgomery is the handiwork of local artist Kevin Pride.

“We have all these things that are affiliated with the Niners. We came out and had a lot of fun with it,” Pride said. “There was some elements that we played with that may not have been initially planned but it came out really good.”

Other artists have been busy too. 

The 49ers tattooed on his knuckles and the Golden Gate Bridge on his arm, Miguel Garcia is wearing nothing but Red and Gold between now and next Sunday.

“I’ve been ready every day,” Garcia said. “I get up everyday and I’m Red and Gold every day.”

It’s hard to miss Garcia’s red truck with those 49er flags flapping in the wind and he’s not alone. You see those colors on the street on the sidewalk and in the restaurants too.

A closer look at the mural reveals some subtle nods to 49er history and the feats of yore. There’s number 16 to honor Joe Montana and there’s the four Super Bowl trophies.

“I thought the mural was awesome, it really paints a picture of the Faithful and how we’re so stoked to go to Miami.”