SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The San Francisco Fire Department told KRON4 that it has responded to multiple medical emergencies during the Golden State Warriors’ championship parade. Fans took to the street on Monday to celebrate the Warriors’ title, which was the franchise’s fourth in the last eight seasons.

“Yes, we saw elevated call volume at the parade route,” SF Fire Lieutenant Jonathan Baxter said to KRON4. “We had extra staffing to facilitate responses. No major injuries or issues at this time. Most issues were heat-related.”

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The medical situations included people suffering heart attacks, heat stroke, physical trauma and falling down. SF Fire confirmed that there were no major injuries or issues.

The injuries were mainly related to heat and dehydration, SF Fire said. The department had extra staffing to help with responses.

“San Francisco is unusually warm so stay hydrated with WATER, that means supplementing alcohol and energy drinks with water,” an SF Fire spokesperson told KRON4.

Temperatures in San Francisco climbed to as high as 75 degrees on Monday. The Bay Area is in for a week full of hot temperatures — KRON4 Meteorologist John Shrable said that high temperatures along the coast will be at least 70 degrees until Friday. The heat wave is part of one that is expected to impact most of the country, as CNN reported that more than 100 high temperature records could be broken in various cities nationwide.