FBI called in to Richmond after spike in violence

Bay Area

There have been a total of 6 shootings in a 48-hour period in Richmond. 

Investigators think there’s a link between at least two of the shootings.

That’s why they’ve now called in the FBI to assist with the investigation and to help patrol vulnerable neighborhoods to discourage any retaliatory acts of violence. 

Three of the shootings happened on Sunday night in the span of just one hour. 

In total two people were injured, a man was paralyzed, and two men were killed. 

Then on Monday, officers responded to two separate shootings within an hour — both men who were uncooperative with the police investigation. 

Police believed one of the shootings on Sunday is related to one that happened on Monday. 

Richmond police say there are no details about the suspects or motives that can be released at this time. 

Police say Richmond has made great strides to reduce gun violence in recent years and this sudden spike in violence has officers needing assistance from the FBI Safe Streets Task Force. 

That includes specifically looking after areas officers fear could be subject to retaliatory violence. 

Gang experts are also pursuing other forms of intervention.

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