SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A San Francisco man has been caught up in the Capitol Riots. 

The FBI filed a criminal complaint against Daniel Goodwyn for knowingly entering or remainn in a restricted building without lawful authority and violent entry and disorderly condcut on capitol grounds.

In court documents, the FBI says Goodwyn identified himself on a video shot by another man who breached the Capitol. 

Later as he was directed to leave the building the FBI says he called a U.S. Capitol police officer an “oathbreaker.”

The FBI says they were tipped off by an associate of Goodwyn who had this exchange with him on Instagram.

Tipster: Go live I wanna see your freinds getting tear gassed. or did you get arrested already

Goodwyn: not enough signal

Tipster: my dad said you are Antifa pretending to be Trump supporters

Goodwyn: Tell yoru dad if he doesnt want his guns I can find some folks who will

The FBI says Goodwyn also is responsible for a post which states: “I didn’t break or take anything, but I went inside for a couple of minutes.”

In terms of Goodwyn’s background, the FBI says the Saturday after the presidential election, when the major networks declared Joe Biden the winner, Goodwyn posted a Proud Boys logo.

The post states “Stand back and stand by! Show up at your state Capitol. Await order from our Commander in Chief. #StopTheSteal!”

At this point, neither the FBI nor Federal Prosecutors will confirm whether or not Goodwyn is in custody.

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