MILL VALLEY, Calif. (KRON) – The FBI is searching for a Mill Valley man who was involved in the riot at Capitol Hill on January 6.

Bodyworn camera footage has been obtained by the FBI from the Metropolitan Police Department that shows an assault of an officer, referred to as J.M. in the criminal complaint.

The footage shows a man, who has been identified as 48-year-old Evan Neumann of Mill Valley, wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat. Neumann is seen approaching a metal gate in front of J.M.

Neumann put on a gas mask and then stood near J.M. for several minutes.

He then took the gas mask off and told the officers that they are “defending the people
who are going to kill your f***ing children. They are gonna kill your f***ing children, they
are gonna rape them, they are gonna imprison them, and you’re defending the people that are going
to do this to your children.”

Neumann continues to berate them saying that the officers “kneel to Antifa because they’re little b**ches,” and that they have “no pride, no honor, you’re nothing.”

About 20 minutes after Neumann is first seen in the footage, he ‘shoves the metal barricade’ into the line of officers, per the FBI report. He is later seen reaching over the metal barricade trying to hit J.M.

Hours later, Neumann was seen still at the Capitol resisting orders from police and calling them “motherf***ers” and “f***ing murderers.”

Neumann is facing six felony charges, including assaulting an officer and violent entry on Capitol grounds. 

Back in January 2018, Neumann and his brother were arrested for crossing a police barricade in the Santa Rosa fire zone in October.

The brothers said they were trying to retrieve items from their mother’s home after it burned down, however, everyone is prohibited from entering the area due to public safety, according to the California Penal Code.

They were held in jail for several hours and were charged with remaining in the evacuation zone after being told to leave.