SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — In the days before November 3, several businesses could be seen with boards covering windows in anticipation of civil unrest.

Coronavirus has not kept Americans from filling the streets to protest this year, and some believe Election Day will spark another burst of protests throughout the country.

While some protests have been peaceful, the crowds can bring out people who are there to do damage. Fearing graffiti and smashed windows, businesses in the Bay Area boarded up.

Crews are hard at work measuring window frames to put up plywood in front of the Westin St. Francis hotel off of Union Square.

“There is a lot of anxiety about what might happen.  In times past, we have seen rioters come to the city and these businesses impacted.  They have lost thousands of dollars, and with COVID, no one can afford to lose anymore, so this action has been taken.  not that they want to but it is preventative,” said San Francisco chamber of commerce Jay Cheng.

Residents are sad to see what is happening.  

“Yeah, I was noticing all of it, it is all a reflective of the rhetoric I believe out there.”

Cheng says says he and others have never seen action like this before, but he remarked that this year has been like no other in San Francisco.

Bay Area police departments have said they will have extra officers working election night.

However, it may not be likely that we’ll know who gets the Oval Office these next four years on election night, or even this week.

Mail-in ballots will delay ballot tallies. In California, election offices are accepting mail-in ballots until November 20, as long as the envelope is postmarked on or before Election Day on November 3.

Despite the timeline for mail-in ballots, vote counters will already have millions of ballots to record as polls close at 8 p.m. Early voting turnout has broken records across the country.

In California, 10 million people have already voted as of November 1, according to the Office of the California Secretary of State.

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