SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Federal agents announced a massive bust of methamphetamine that resulted in one of the largest seizures the Bay Area has ever seen.

“Today is a good day for narcotics law enforcement in the Bay Area. We successfully put a hurting on the Sinaloa Cartel,” Special Agent in Charge Daniel Comeaux said. 

Federal agents from multiple agencies announce charges against 44 suspected drug dealers and gun traffickers in connection to an alleged criminal conspiracy that stretches from Sunnyvale here in the Bay Area to Sinaloa Mexico. 

The result is one of the biggest narcotics busts in NorCal F.B.I. history.

“The seizures include approximately 500 grams of fentanyl, 20 pounds of cocaine, 20 pounds of heroin, more than a dozen firearms, more than $200,000 in cash, and more than 1,000 pounds of methamphetamine,” U.S. Attorney Dave Anderson said. 

1,100 pounds of meth to be exact.

“I want to explain what 1,100 pounds of methamphetamine is. It’s approximately 80-million doses, so if you sit down and think about it, that’s about 11 hits, 11 doses for every citizen in the Bay Area. That’s what we successfully took off the street,” Comeaux said. 

Here is how they did it:

“More than a dozen federal wiretaps, pin registers, cellphone location warrants, vehicle tracking warrants, search warrants, undercover purchases, and informants,” Anderson said. 

“We will continue to work as hard as we can with all of our partners federal, state, and local to continue to dismantle these types of organizations that are causing problems in our area,” Comeaux said.

Officials say the contraband was supplied by the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel.

David Campoy is being charged as the leader of two related conspiracies: a drug trafficking conspiracy and a firearms trafficking conspiracy. 

“Methamphetamine that is pure, potent, and cheap has flooded the American market and drug trafficking organizations see an opportunity to profit. They utilize distribution hubs, like the Bay Area, to distribute their poison,” Comeaux said. “As methamphetamine overdoses rise, the significant drug seizures in this investigation have undoubtedly saved lives. DEA will continue to target and to bring to justice these criminal organizations who traffic drugs in our community to keep Americans safe.”