SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — A couple is recovering after they were attacked outside of their Mission District apartment on Saturday.

Police are investigating the assault, which happened over a parking spot.

The couple told KRON4 they didn’t even want the parking spot, they were just moving a car so someone could back out of a driveway.

“It’s scary. They said that they had guns,” Alicia Franzolini. “That they’re going to shoot us. It’s scary.”

Franzolini and her wife Claudia say they’re scared and still in shock.

They were parked in their landlord’s driveway temporarily, near 15th and Valencia streets. 

He had stopped behind them but needed to back out so that the couple could leave. He backed into an open spot behind him when another car tried to hop into the same spot.

He got out to explain the situation to the driver, when a woman from across the street got involved.

“When the neighbor, she comes out and hits Craig’s car and she just hits it with her hand,” Franzolini said.

Franzolini was still in her car, watching this happen.

Fearing her landlord’s safety, she got out of the car.

“She’s out of it, like super vicious,” Franzolini said. “She starts to scream obscenities to me.”

Franzolini says she was trying to explain that they didn’t want the parking spot — they just needed to back out and her landlord would pull back in.

The woman started calling her name and bringing up her sexuality.

That’s when Franzolini’s wife Claudia got out of the car to protect her.

“The daughter of the lady comes out of nowhere and then tries to attack Claudia,” Franzolini said.

After the fight was broken up, the woman got back in their car, and the landlord got into his. But the two suspects came back.

“They came and they maced him,” Franzolini said. “And we were in our vehicle trying to stay safe but the window had a tiny crack and she sprayed in there.”

Franzolini managed to snap two photos.

She called San Francisco police and they interviewed the victims and witnesses.

They say they are investigating the assault.

“I am in a lot of pain,” Franzolini said. “My neck is dislocated, my wife got scratched and hurt and my 75-year-old landlord who has a pacemaker got attacked.”

Both women stayed home from work today.

One was wearing her uniform and says she’s afraid the suspects could target her at work.

The landlord is still working on pulling video of the incident for police and said once police have it, they will release it.