SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A new San Francisco advertisement is up in union square, but it’s probably not one that the city is proud of.

A group of moms known as Mothers Against Drug Deaths are behind this new billboard that brings attention to city’s fentanyl and open-air drug market problems.

“Famous the world over our brains, beauty and, now, dirt-cheap fentanyl”, are the words now looking down on San Francisco’s Union Square.

Jacqui Berlin argues Mayor London Breed and city leadership aren’t focusing enough on the issues plaguing this city. Her son’s been an addict for 10 years and is currently living on the streets of San Francisco. She says he’s had moments of sobriety but the city’s made it increasingly hard for him to seek help.

“If they decide to come to San Francisco, this is also what they’re going to see,” Berlin said. “It’s a huge part of San Francisco right now sadly, as much as the cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, the sourdough bread, the fresh crab…and fentanyl.”

Gina McDonald – who’s daughter also struggles with addiction and has frequented the tenderloin says she’s frustrated and disappointed by how the city continues to handle its fentanyl crisis.

“We keep hearing we want to meet them where they’re at,” McDonald said. “They’re meeting them where they’re at and leaving them there.”

Mcdonald and Berlin say they’re tired of waiting for change and while they’ve received backlash over what this might do to business in the city. They hope this latest move, staring many visitors right in the face, will force city leaders to make changes for the safety of everyone in this city and the Bay Area.