EL CERRITO, Calif. (KRON) – A high school freshman in the East Bay is recovering from her injuries after she was attacked at school. The violence was captured on cell phone video. School district officials said the incident involved people who trespassed on El Cerrito High School grounds.

The video captured a young woman attacking another on the ground, throwing several punches inside a bathroom stall at the school. The student on the ground, 14-year-old Juliet Sutherland, did not fight back. The incident happened Tuesday around lunchtime.

In an exclusive interview with KRON4 on Wednesday, Sutherland described the experience as terrifying.

“They hit me in the head. They got me on to the ground, were kicking me on the ground,” she said.

Sutherland said she had an encounter with another student before the attack and the situation escalated. She suffered injuries to her head and abdomen and said her friend was also hurt. 

The West Contra Costa Unified School District notified parents about the incident. The district said some of the people involved are not students and trespassed on campus with the help of another student.

“Five other girls and another guy had ran into the bathroom following a whole crowd and the people that I’d seen around her didn’t attend my school,” Sutherland said. 

In a statement, the district said in part it is working with police.

“Safety is our top priority in WCCUSD, and we have recently put into place enhanced safety measures at our schools, including limiting the points of entry on campus and requiring all students to wear their ID cards. We are also encouraging students to remain diligent and recognize and report when there are strangers on campus,” the statement said. 

Juliet’s mother Michelle Roseman said she is concerned about safety. 

“It makes me sick. I can’t even believe it… I’m afraid to send my child to school,” she said.

Just last month, a fight broke out at the same school — involving a firearm. The firearm was never fired and no one was injured.