(KRON) — A new film pays tribute to the city of Oakland, and it premieres this weekend.

Tales of the Town explores history and culture by taking an in-depth look at the place that became home to many Black families who migrated to Oakland from the Jim Crow south.

The name of the film is an offshoot of a popular local podcast also called Tales of the Town. Its creators are now exploring a visual medium to pay homage to the city they love.

Filmmakers Abbas Muntaqim and Delency Parham set out to document both the present day and the history of the city as they first did years ago with a podcast that bears the same name.

“We essentially were documenting our families’ great migration coming from the south fleeing the terrors of the Jim Crow south and white supremacist terrorism. I know my great-great grandfather, he was by himself initially went by himself all the way from Louisiana to Oakland and then sent a car back for the rest of the family. So being able to preserve those stories, so we know our history and how that informs our current. I think that is super important,” said Abbas Muntaqim, Tales of the Town co-creator.

Both said their intention with the piece is to uplift the Black community by revisiting their roots and liberation movements that were born in Oakland, like the Black Panther Party.

“I guess contribute to that cycle of raising consciousness the way that we talked about folks like Huey P. Newton and Jalil Muntaqim have been able to do for us. I think it’s a sign that we are moving in the right direction and are impacting the community in ways that we strive out to do like Abbas was saying to heal, inspire, motivate, unite eventually for, with the main objective, to be organization and mobilization for change in our communities,” said Delency Parham, Tales of the Town co-creator.

Muntaqim and Parham want audiences to be inspired by Tales of the Town to continue to make strides and give back whether in their own way, or by joining in on their initiative called the People’s Programs which organizes free breakfasts, a mobile health clinic and legal support.