SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Thanksgiving has come and gone and now travelers are returning home after spending the holiday with loved ones. The Sunday after Thanksgiving is expected to be the busiest day to travel at San Francisco International Airport.

Things have been going smoothly here at SFO — no major delays or cancellations, just a lot of goodbyes. The departures drop-off at SFO was full of farewells and hugs as travelers head back home after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Going back to college is SFO traveler Brianne Martin who visited family in Foster City.

“It was really nice seeing family because since I’m so far away like from LA to here,” Martin said. “I can’t really drive and fly all the time so it’s nice seeing everyone.”

The mornings, however, have been a different story with long lines and crowds.

Airport officials are anticipating 5 million people passing through SFO this holiday season. That’s about 85 percent of the pre-pandemic volume.

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“It was really fun traveling and I haven’t really been to a lot of places since COVID-19, so it’s really nice to get back out there on the airplane again,” Martin said.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday travel season. It is expected to be busy from now through New Years. Airport officials are urging travelers to get here early if you’re flying out — two hours early for domestic and three hours for international flights.