VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) – For more than 20 years, a house decked out in Christmas lights has brightened spirits in the North Bay, but this year will be its last.

The house has a light display that easily captures your attention. And for the people of Vallejo and beyond, it says “Christmas” in a way only Bob and Linda Taylor can.

“When people come up and tell us how much they appreciate what we’re doing, that makes it all worthwhile,” Bob said.

The Christmas house in Glen Cove has been a holiday tradition since 1999. The twinkling lights that bring joy to so many are dedicated to Bob’s daughter, who passed away 23 years ago.

It features both a fake Santa and the real deal. But as the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.” And that’s what’s happening here.

“It’s just gotten to the point that it’s too much for us. Going up and down ladders – an 81-year-old man don’t need to be doing that anymore,” Bob said.

The Taylors say it was a tough decision to make – not to mention the display takes three months to set up and two months to break down. Even with help from the fire department, the lifting is getting to be too much.

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Knowing the end is near, parents brought their children to experience the house for the last time. Malisa and Marc Miraflor say they wanted to treasure the final moments with their son Micah.

“Definitely going out with a bang,” Marc said. “It’s sad to see them doing it for the last time, so we came out here to show some support.”

The Taylors’ home on 817 Old Glen Cove Road in Vallejo will be open from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. through Dec. 31. Once it’s all said and done, all of the decorations will be for sale. The Taylors want to thank their community for all of the memories.

“This has always been a labor of love for us,” Bob said. “We love what we’re doing. We love how everybody enjoys it and we are going to miss them as much as they are gonna miss us. For sure.”