SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is often quick, once you have an appointment — but getting that appointment can be difficult. There are several ways to look.

First, check your county’s website.

Sometimes they make their own appointments, like in Contra Costa County. If not, visit the state’s My Turn page.

On the My Turn page, you can find appointments if available and if not you can sign up to be notified, though many have complained notifications are unreliable.

If that’s the case, Twitter users can follow Bay Area Vaccine Bot. It’s a bot that checks my turn every five minutes for available appointments, and tweets when it finds them. Users just need to turn on alerts to be notified.

You can also visit pharmacy sites, like CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Safeway to look for appointments.

If no luck there, you can try the websites of major medical providers, like Sutter, Dignity, UCSF and Kaiser.

Still no luck, visit This website operated by Boston Children’s Hospital and supported by the CDC will show you locations that have available vaccines and link you to those sites.

The key takeaway is you must be aggressive about it and check sites multiple times a day because you never know when appointments will open up. Also in some cases, you are asked how many miles you want to vaccination from your home. Remember the greater the distance the greater chance you will find an appointment.