Firefighter uniforms, badges stolen out of San Francisco firehouse

Bay Area

Two firefighters have reported their uniforms and badges were stolen out of the same San Francisco firehouse.

Both thefts happened at Station 19 on Buckingham Way across from the Stonestown Mall.

On May 24, a firefighter noticed that his uniform, badge and nameplate were missing.

After he checked his home and car, he reported it to his supervisor on May 26.

Coincidentally, a second firefighter found that he was also the victim of the same crime on the 26th.

How this happened is a bit of a mystery, since an alarm sounds when someone walks into the big apparatus doors that the fire trucks drive into and the front door has an electronic key card needed to gain entry and there were no signs of forced entry.

A neighbor says they found the thefts shocking.

“It’s terrible and you could imagine that someone’s walking around and pretending there a fire official it’s terrible,” a neighbor said.

The department’s public information officer says in addition to badges and uniforms all firefighters also carry SFFD issued identification cards.

In most cases, when a firefighter shows up at your door, it’s because you’ve called them because of an emergency.

“The exception is going to be inspectors who are going to show up and our inspectors are there to do a building fire life safety inspection, and they will always have their identification and their proper badge and insignia is with them to be able to produce to you,” Lieutenant John Baxter said.

Just in case, the fire department has issued a department wide alert asking firefighters if anyone else has had any badges or uniforms disappear.

At this time no one else have had anything like that go missing.

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