Fireworks shows canceled across Bay Area leads to booming sales of Safe and Sane fireworks

Bay Area

DUBLIN, Calif. (KRON) – In Dublin, Safe and Sane fireworks went on sale Sunday and as a result of major fireworks shows being canceled across the Bay Area due to COVID-19, nonprofits in Dublin tell KRON4 that sales for private use are booming.

Absent a major fireworks show to attend, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, neighbors in Dublin are stocking up on Safe and Sane supplies to entertain themselves and their families on the Fourth of July.​

​”I love doing fireworks every year. We always come out with our family,” Barron Wesenberg Jr. said. 

​With shelter-in-place orders still in effect, the Wesenberg’s say they’re looking for any excuse to responsibly spend some time outdoors.​

​”I think there’s pent-up demand everywhere. You know, we saw the first nights when they opened up restaurants and just everybody just wants to be out,” Wesenberg Jr. said. ​

​The Rotary Club of Dublin is one of at least 13 nonprofit organizations and schools running fireworks booths within city limits.​

The legal fireworks went on sale Sunday and will continue through next Sunday.​

​“It’s just been gang busters,” Tim Delaporte said.​

​The Rotary Club says it’s selling fireworks faster than it ever has.​

​”We’re doing maybe three to four times more than we did before, about a 300-percent increase right now,” Delaporte said.​​

Visitors stopping by in between running errands to grab what they can before the fireworks sell out.​

​”I just drove by and thought I’d get ahead of the rush. I didn’t want to be sitting out here with 50 people in front of me,” Ron Lewis said. 

​There are some changes to the rules this year on how and where the fireworks can be used in Dublin.​

Unlike in the past, fireworks are not allowed at any city park, facility, business park or apartment complex.​

They can only be used at private residences.​

​“We can all have a little fun out in the front yard, and kind of stay in our own little group and the neighbors down the road can see and enjoy the sparkles too,” Lewis said. ​

Safe and Sane fireworks stay grounded, they don’t shoot up into the air.​

Best to keep a bucket of water close by when lighting them up, just in case you need to extinguish any flames.​

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