LAFEYETTE (KRON) – It was a busy Fourth of July night and fire departments continue to be busy this morning.

People warned about the dangers of illegal fireworks continued to light them up, causing dozens of fires across the Bay Area.

Firefighters in Contra Costa County reported fighting 30 fires Monday night with at least nine confirmed as being caused by fireworks. The vast majority of the fires without a confirmed cause are suspected of being fireworks-related.

Since the start of the holiday weekend, Contra Costa County Fire responded to 70 fires, many caused by fireworks. That includes a 6.5 acre vegetation fire near Bay Point, where witnesses say the fire started by someone setting off fireworks from a car.

The Oakland Fire Department says call volume for fires and medical incidents saw a major spike as well.

In San Francisco, the fire department tweeted about over two dozen fires starting last night.

At one point the department posted reports of four fires in the city within a four minute span just before midnight.

KRON4 is waiting to hear back from the San Francisco Fire Department about the latest number of fires and how many of them were related to fireworks.

Conditions in the Bay Area right now are like a tinder box with dry fuels. One firework could set off a fire that could be deadly and extremely destructive.

Setting off fireworks is illegal in Contra Costa County and they can be reported at 833-885-2021.