(KRON) – The Bay Area offers some of the most diverse food options of anywhere in the world. Everyone knows about its Chinese, Mexican and Japanese food, but the area offers much more.

Have you ever tried Liberian food? What about Ukrainian? Here are five cuisines that you might not have thought about trying, but are served in the Bay Area. 

Liberian: Kendejah (San Leandro)

Located in downtown San Leandro, Kendejah serves home-cooked Liberian cuisine. It offers vegetarian, seafood and meat dishes – both traditional Liberian food, like cassava leaf, and fusion, like collard greens and fried okra. The restaurant is named after Kendeja, a former culture center in Liberia. Visit their website HERE.

Ukrainian: Leleka (San Francisco)

Leleka describes itself as “a family-run San Francisco-based restaurant serving Ukrainian food with a modern twist.” Its most popular item is Pelmeni, which is a dumpling that is served with beef, chicken, salmon, butternut squash and others as fillings. Leleka is located at 40 Belden Place in San Francisco’s financial district. Visit their website HERE.

Venezuelan: Miss Arepita (Oakland)

Miss Arepita is a food stand that operates at The Cat House in Oakland. It serves arepas, a traditional South American dish that consists of a bread made out of cornmeal with cheese, veggies and chicken as options for fillings. Miss Arepita recommends calling in your order for pick-up. Visit the website HERE.

Senegalese: Bissap Baobab (San Francisco)

Bissap Baobab brings West African food to San Francisco’s Mission District. It was founded by Marco Senghor, who was born and raised in Dakar, Senegal before moving to Paris for education. Menu items include “Afro tacos” and protein served in traditional sauces. Visit their website HERE.

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Indonesian: INDO Restaurant & Lounge (Palo Alto)

INDO Restaurant & Lounge describes itself as blending “traditional Southeast Asian flavors with western cooking.” The evolving menu consists of small plates and entrees that are intended to be shared family-style. One Indonesian dish on the menu is mie goreng, a spicy egg noodle served with shrimp, tofu and vegetables. Visit the website HERE.