(KRON) — A Southwest Airlines flight (#3316) from Las Vegas to Maui was diverted to Oakland on Monday after photos suggesting a bomb was on board were sent to a flight attendant, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department confirmed.

The images were sent to the flight attendant using Apple’s “AirDrop,” according to ACSO.

Oakland Airport Operations, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and Airport Police Services evacuated the plane once it touched down in Oakland. All of the plane’s passengers and their luggage was searched, and no explosive materials were found, per ACSO.

The plane later continued to its intended destination in Hawaii.

Nobody has been arrested in connection with the incident, ACSO said. The FBI has an investigation ongoing.

Southwest Airlines sent the following statement regarding the diversion:

We can confirm flight 3316 on Monday afternoon diverted to Oakland from its intended path, Las Vegas to Maui, and later continued on to Maui. We’d defer additional questions to local authorities who met the aircraft.

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We place no priority higher than Safety and we’re grateful for patience and understanding during this delayed journey to Hawaii.