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FRESNO (KRON) — In this “Flying Tails” report, KRON4’s Ken Wayne traveled to an unusually large animal rescue in Fresno, though it’s not the size of the animals — it’s the number.

Typically he flies one or two dogs or cats from a kill shelter to a sanctuary, but this trip went way beyond that.

He arrived at Chandler Airport near Downtown Fresno, where he were told he was going to pick up eight kittens and two dogs. It’s a whole different situation waiting inside the terminal.

“We just don’t have enough resources locally to get these animals taken care of and a lot of these shelters are overwhelmed,” said Kyle Kirkland, with the Kirkland Foundation. Instead of eight, he finds 23 cats and kittens.

Mona Ahmed, an animal rescuer in Fresno, says the cats were seconds away from being euthanized. Now he has to figure out if he can fit all of these in my plane on top of luggage and his dog Mango. One of the dog he finds,

Jorden, is all alone after his owner passed away.

“He was dropped off at care-vet by the daughter saying, you need to take him or else he’s going to the shelter,” said Ketrena Poulson with Union Jacki Rescue.

After a lot of finagling, all the animals — and luggage are on board the plane.

Once landed in Napa, an extra large golf cart pulls up and they start unpacking. Seven crates of cats and kittens and one crate with sweet little jorden.

The animals are soon the center of attention in the airport parking lot and then their ride arrives.

“They’re all going to be going into foster homes and they’re going to find their forever homes once they get altered,” said Margo Cassidy with Whiskers, Tails, and Ferals.

Jorden was infested with ticks and had a urinary infection, but he’s since been cleaned up and his infection has been treated by the folks at Whisker, Tails and Ferals.

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