There’s no shortage of desire around the Bay Area to help out furloughed employees.

Transportation Security Administration agents in Oakland and across the country continue to work without pay. Some of them are struggling to make ends meet and stay nourished.  

The TSA Break room at Oakland International Airport was used as a temporary pantry. 

The Alameda County Community Food Bank (ACCFB) brought in donations and are providing meals for federal workers who are furloughed. 

David Von Damm, federal security director for TSA said, “In this operation alone, we’re talking about 450 officers, staff and inspectors. A lot of people behind the scenes that you don’t see everyday who are working just as hard.”

On Friday, 700 pounds of food was delivered and it’s the third delivery the food bank has made since Monday. 

Micheal Altfest, the director of community engagement at ACCFB said, “We realize there are a lot of federal employees out there right now that are not receiving paychecks and we want to make sure that they don’t have to sacrifice food because of that.”

As the shutdown drags on, TSA says it’s managing sick calls. 

Davis Von Damm, federal security director for TSA says, “We have seen slight increases, but nothing that’s impacted operations.”

Oakland Airport says it will continue to work with the food bank and other agencies reaching out to help.