SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KRON) — A very upsetting crime in the East Bay.

On Thursday, April 9, someone stole a van from a church parking lot.

The van was a gift from the city of San Leandro to All Saints Episcopal Church.

Over the last year, the church has been using it to deliver food to people in need, and that need has ramped up amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Reverand Justin Cannon said they had recently installed cameras due to the pandemic for an extra layer of security at the church. he said the theft happened around 5:30 a.m. Thursday and took less than 60 seconds. 

While Rev. Cannon says he is disappointed and saddened by the theft, he is also choosing love and kindness over hatred and anger. He hopes some good will come out of this situation. 

“My best hope is someone stole it to live in. Hopefully the more people who’s eyes are looking for it, the better chances for recovery. Perhaps this allows someone with a van might be willing to offer that to support our continued shopping, Rev. Cannon said. “Perhaps people who see this story and are in need of food will see it, and come to the pantry to get help. This is devastating but I’m going to trust that God’s going to use it to reach more people who are hungry.” 

The white Ford has the number “32” on the back, as well as scuff marks on the driver-side door by the handle.

If you see it, contact San Leandro police.

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