(KRON) — Former Bay Area news anchor Frank Somerville was arrested twice in the East Bay overnight for alcohol-related charges, the Berkeley Police Department has confirmed to KRON4.

Somerville bailed out of jail at about 4 p.m. Tuesday, Alameda County confirmed. He was also cited and released with a notice to appear in court for driving under the influence.

The first arrest came after police were called to respond to a family altercation on Indian Rock Avenue. The home is owned by Somerville’s brother, BPD said. Police were told that a man at the residence was being detained after a fight.

The man being detained was later identified as Somerville, and police determined he was intoxicated at the time. Police said the family asked Somerville to leave and he refused, and that’s when he allegedly threatened a victim at the scene, which then led to the fight. Both parties suffered non-life threatening injuries, and the victim had a contusion on his right cheek, BPD said.

Somerville was arrested on suspicion of criminal threats, public intoxication, assault and a probation violation. He was then taken to the Berkeley Jail, and he was later released.

Another call came in to police just before 3:30 a.m., and the family members reported that Somerville was back at the residence on Indian Rock and ringing the doorbell. Police determined Somerville allegedly went back to the home to retrieve his vehicle. Once he had his car, police say he left the area then headed back to the residence on Indian Rock to “attempt to locate the property” he lost during the fight Monday evening.

The victim told police Somerville continued ringing the doorbell until they would speak with him. Officers responded to the scene and found Somerville in his vehicle displaying “objective signs and symptoms of public intoxication,” police said. Somerville was also witnessed driving under the influence of alcohol, BPD told KRON4.

Somerville was then arrested a second time for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and violation of his probation. He was taken back to Berkeley Jail, BPD said.

Somerville was previously a longtime anchor at KTVU in the Bay Area. He was arrested for DUI in Oakland on Dec. 30, 2021.

In March 2023, Somerville sat down with KRON4’s Pam Moore for nearly 30 minutes in an exclusive interview. He spoke about a variety of topics, including his 2021 arrest.

When asked by Moore about his drinking, Somerville said the only time he drank in the last ‘six to eight months’ was at a San Jose Sharks game.