SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – A hero, not a suspect – That’s how some people are describing the man shot by San Jose police over the weekend.

The police shooting followed a fight that broke out  at the La Victoria restaurant Sunday morning.

The city’s police chief says two groups of men began arguing and then got into a fight. One of the men fighting wrestled a gun away from another man and then went outside where about six officers were waiting. 

Police say the man didn’t follow orders to drop the gun and then an officer shot him.

That man has since been identified as K’aun Green.

Green’s former coach says he was an outstanding student athlete and is not surprised he was trying to help people.

“Everyone is stunned basically because, again, he has been an outstanding young person in our campus and within our program,” John Wade said. 

That is how the athletic director of Contra Costa College, John Wade, describes the initial reaction to learning that a member of the football team was shot by San Jose police.

“First of all our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Green. We are concerned at this point for his health,” Wade said. 

San Jose police say a gun changed hands several times during a brawl inside the restaurant, and although it was last seen in Green’s possession, the gun was not his.

“He was trying to stop someone from using a weapon, and save people from injury and maybe deadly harm, and unfortunately he was the subject of a shooting. Unbeknownst to him that the police were on their way to intervene in the situation that was taking place,” Wade said. 

“We are still looking into where he was shot. It looks like in the video that his back was towards us,” Chief Anthony Mata said. 

When asked what kind of young man Green is, Wade said: 

“For us, he has been an outstanding young man. We got him from McClymonds in Oakland. He was willing to not only help out our department but to help out his teammates and students at the college. They had a great season this year. They were 10 and 1. He was an All-League Player for us. Had an opportunity to get a scholarship after only playing one year at this level to go to a four-year school and matriculate there.”

He says the entire Contra Costa College is praying for Green to have a full and complete recovery so he can continue to pursue his dreams of being an NFL player. 

“We’re definitely hoping he has a speedy and a full recovery,” Wade said.