SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Former San Francisco Giants slugger Aubrey Huff was permanently suspended from Twitter, according to several reports.

Huff, 44, was known for sharing controversial tweets to his more than 214,000 followers but said the suspension won’t stop him.

Running to Instagram, Huff shared the news with his followers on that platform.

“It finally happened! The beta cucks and liberal Karen’s over @Twitter hate when people speak the truth or make money if their liberal platforms!” he wrote. “I consider this a badge of honor! I’ll never stop! Don’t you patriots!!”

In another post, he continued.

“In this crybaby society who is offended by everything I like to stand our amongst the crowd,” he wrote. “Cancel culture is alive and well targeting only pro God & pro American conservatives.”

Meanwhile, the Twitter community didn’t appear to be too sad to see him go.