(KRON) — A former Richmond police sergeant was sentenced Monday stemming from a 2017 incident where he drunkenly fired his gun several times at a Four Seasons hotel on Market Street, the San Francisco District Attorney’s office announced.

In 2021, Phillip Sanchez pleaded guilty to felony vandalism charges associated with the incident. Monday, he was charged with two years of felony probation for violating the terms of his guilty plea, officials said. The shots caused $3,368 in damages.

KRON4 previously reported that the incident happened just before 5 a.m. while Sanchez was off-duty. Police said Sanchez did not immediately cooperate with arresting officers and prompted a shelter in place at the hotel. Sanchez was eventually taken into custody and placed on administrative leave from the Richmond Police Department. No injuries were reported from the shooting.

Sanchez was originally granted a one-year Deferred Entry of Judgement grant where he was ordered to go to therapy, abstain from alcohol and opioids and stay away from the Four Seasons hotel where the incident took place. Had he obeyed the grant, he would have only been charged with a misdemeanor.

His new probation will be supervised by the state of Oregon, where Sanchez currently lives. Officials added that the 18 guns registered to Sanchez must be also be relinquished as part of his felony conviction. He is also not allowed near the Four Seasons hotel where the incident took place.

“I am thankful that no one was hurt as a result of Mr. Sanchez’ dangerous behavior,” said District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.  “Recklessly discharging his weapon put lives in danger and undermined the public’s trust in law enforcement whose basic responsibility is to ensure public safety.”