SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — A former South Bay elementary school teacher was charged with assault on Friday after intentionally coughing into a 1-year-old child’s face, authorities said.

The San Jose woman was identified as 66-year-old Nancy Nordland after the public recognized her from released surveillance video.

On June 12, 2020, Nordland got into an argument with a woman while waiting in line at a Yogurtland in San Jose after Nordland did not like how close the woman was standing to her.

After the disagreement, Nordland moved her mask, bent over the 1-year-old’s stroller and coughed three times directly in the infant’s face.

Employees and customers inside the Yogurtland confronted her, and Nordland fled the scene without paying.

Officers responded to the scene and were not able to locate Nordland anywhere in the area.

Police turned to the community for help and released surveillance video.

Within a day of the release, police received nearly a dozen tips from community members who all identified the woman in the surveillance video as an elementary school teacher at Alex Anderson Elementary School in San Jose.

The principal of her school confirmed to police that Nordland was at work in San Jose on the date of the incident.

No other details were released.