SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Former Santa Rosa physician Thomas Keller has been convicted of four counts of distributing controlled substances without legitimate medical need, the Department of Justice announced in a press release Friday.

Keller, 75, faced second-degree murder charges in August of 2019 after being accused of killing five of his patients. The deaths were ruled overdoses after being prescribed large amounts of pain medications, including Oxycdone, Diazepam, and Carisoprodol, to his patients. 

Keller ran a pain management practice in Santa Rosa during the time of his indictment on Sept. 27, 2018. Trial evidence proved that Keller had repeatedly prescribed multiple patients dangerous combinations of addictive drugs knowing the distribution was, “outside the scope of professional practice and not for a legitimate medical purpose,” per a press release from the Department of Justice.

The jury convicted Keller of four out of six counts of distributing controlled substances without legitimate medical need. The counts of distributing Oxycodone will carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison while the counts of distributing Carisoprodol and Diazepam will carry maximum sentences of five years.

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United States District Judge Vince Chhabria has not yet set a date for a sentencing hearing. Keller will remain out of custody while waiting for his sentencing hearing.