Former Warriors player discusses cannabis use for anxiety during pandemic


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Al Harrington was a valuable member of the Golden State Warriors for two seasons.

His role on the “we believe team” is etched in Bay Area sports history. Now that he is retired, he is making his mark in another industry close to his heart.

For two years, Harrington lit up the score boards at Oracle Arena for the Golden State Warriors.

Now, he is helping to light up something that he believes is as important as ever during this pandemic.

“We are all patients in some way. All of us just don’t go to the doctor to deal with it,” he said. “I know people who deal with anxiety who use cannabis and different things like that, and that is what makes it special and essential in my eyes.”

Harrington founded the Cannabis brand Viola in part to help eliminate the stigma of marijuana. It is named after his mother Viola who suffered from glaucoma. 

“Me growing up in Orange, New Jersey, I have always been taught that cannabis was a gateway drug. It was a one way trip to prison, all these different things,” he said. “So even as a professional athlete, I stayed away from it because I have been taught that for so long.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused Harrington to switch up business, but he believes now is more important than ever to be there for his clients.

“The four states we are in are California, Colorado, Oregon and Michigan,” he said. “I recommend when you are in those states, if you want to support our brand and try our product, get on weed maps. We work with weed maps in every market so they can direct you to different places.”

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