SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A Fox News host blasted San Francisco’s alleged “war against cars.”

Laura Ingraham tweeted a photo of a long-term construction project on Van Ness Ave, saying “everyone on bikes, kids.”

In the photo, there are at least two lanes of traffic seen getting by, with the construction work over top of a designated bus lane.

This bus lane is meant to create San Francisco’s first ‘Bus Rapid Transit system‘ which is expected to cut travel times for Golden Gate Transit and the 47, 49 and 90 Muni routes by 32 percent along the major road, according to SFMTA.

The project also includes safety enhancements like sidewalk extensions and audible countdown signals at crosswalks.

The tweet, however, was just a preview to more criticism of the city and its Democrat leaders during a segment on her Monday night show.

Ingraham calls her segment “a shocking report of despair and decay in San Francisco,” calling out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the condition of her hometown.

“Wouldn’t you think the hometown of the House Speaker would be a safe and desirable place to live?” she asks.

Ingraham went to the Tenderloin neighborhood with the San Francisco Police Officer Association president, Tony Montoya, who was himself pointing his finger to District Attorney Chesa Boudin. “As long as Chesa Boudin is in office there are no consequences for bad behavior,” Montoya says.

Boudin is currently embroiled in a large effort to get him recalled. The first petition narrowly failed to get the necessary 51,000 signatures, but a second recall petition is underway. The organizers of the second petition have until Oct. 25 to obtain enough signatures to get an official recall election.

The interview was mostly discussing rampant drug use and homelessness.