SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Multiple franchised-owned Burger King locations in San Francisco are ordered to pay more than $2 million in unpaid wages to 230 employees, according to legal documents from the Labor Commissioner’s Office of the California Department of Industrial Relations.

The department ordered a total of $2,285,864.62 in wages paid out to employees and/or former employees of six Burger King locations in San Francisco.

  • 819 Van Ness Avenue
  • 1200 Market Street
  • 1690 Valencia Street
  • 4780 Mission Street
  • 1298 Howard Street
  • 1701 Fillmore Street

The unpaid wages come from pay periods dating back to June 2016 until September 2019, the documents say. Some of the allegations include failure to pay the local minimum wage. The $2.2 million includes interest and penalty fees in addition to unpaid wages, according to the documents.

Monu Singh and Harkiran Randhawa are the primary owners of the six Burger King franchise locations in the city, according to Legal Aid at Work Attorney Alexx Campbell. Legal Aid at Work represents the employees who are ordered to receive those wages.

Singh and Randhawa are partnered with Golden Gate Restaurant Group Inc. in this case. Campbell says they have until Feb. 2 to decide if they want to appeal the order. If they don’t appeal, they will have to make arrangements to make the payments to those workers now.

Attorney Colin P. Calvert told KRON4 the defending party intends to appeal the order. Calvert represents Golden Gate Restaurant Group Inc.

“We intend to appeal the ruling. Simply put, we contend the ruling is an inaccurate reflection of the evidentiary record. We believe our position will be vindicated on appeal,” Calvert said in a statement.

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Of the six locations involved, only the Van Ness, Valencia and Fillmore restaurants are still open, according to Burger King’s website.