(KRON) – The Fremont Police Department warns residents of scams, fraud, and financial crimes that the department notices are common in the area. 

According to Fremont PD, criminals call Fremont residents impersonating police officers and ask for payment for a missed subpoena, a fine for a ticket, a tax payment, or other fees. The criminal then convinces the resident that they must pay them to avoid being arrested or being sued. Criminals even utilize a fake caller ID that displays “Fremont Police Department” and may use the name of a real Fremont police personnel.  

The Fremont PD encourages residents to not give any personal information, payment, or transfer of funds to anyone claiming to be the police department, the city, the county, the courts, or some type of government official. 

Almost all government agencies communicate by mail and do not collect debt payments via the phone, police said. 

Fremont PD offers a list of some of the common ID theft or fraud scams they see. 

  • Fraudulent use of your credit card
  • Suspects open new accounts or take over your credit or bank accounts
  • Work at-home/employment scams
  • Classified ads and check overpayment scams
  • A relative, friend, or business associate needs you to wire money
  • Romance scams
  • Sweepstakes and lottery scams
  • IRS/Law enforcement impersonation scams
  • Scams directed at the elderly
  • Offering fake gold jewelry as an exchange for real jewelry or for cash 

According to police, many criminals commonly require the victim to buy gift cards, transfer funds, or provide a payment method to avoid a penalty, such as arrest or deportation.