FREMONT, Calif. (KRON) — The Fremont Police Department finished a year-long investigation into a local business that yielded at least 300 suspected stolen catalytic converters, it announced in a press release Monday. FPD said that Arrow Recovery, a recycling business on 46025 Warm Springs Road, had been accepting stolen catalytic converters.

Arrow Recovery describes its mission as destroying material “securely and in the most environmentally friendly way.” Catalytic converters are among the products it recycles.

In its press release, FPD said an undercover officer sold cut catalytic converters to Arrow Recovery that were etched with “stolen,” or other markings that suggested they had been obtained illegally. Over several months, the business “repeatedly” bought these catalytic converters from undercover detectives.

In June, FPD and other authorities served a search warrant at Arrow Recovery. “Detectives located multiple 55-gallon drums of refined and semi-refined catalytic converter material, along with approximately eight pallets containing at least 300 suspected stolen catalytic converters,” FPD said.

FPD said there have been fewer catalytic converter thefts since the investigation has been underway over the past few months. Police will try to return stolen items to victims, but admitted it is hard to confirm the origin of many of the catalytic converters.

“The goal of this long-term operation was to shut down a major pathway for criminals to sell stolen
catalytic converters, thereby reducing the desire of thieves to victimize community members and
businesses,” FPD said.

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Police will work with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office to prosecute Arrow Recovery. The business will also receive environmental impact penalties.