Fremont Police work to decrease car burglaries

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The Fremont Police Department has arrested 11 suspects in eight days for car burglaries. 

Despite those arrests, the city has had a serious rise in car burglaries since the beginning of the year.

In just the first 43 days of 2019, there were 319 car thefts reported to the police department. Officials say from 2014 to 2017, there was an 87-percent increase in auto thefts — Most of which took place in shopping center parking lots.

Authorities say the police patrol the lots in marked and unmarked vehicles and have worked with property owners to post signs in order to bring awareness to the thefts.

Investigators were able to recover a large number of small electronics and laptops which led to a 16-percent decrease in burglaries for 2018.

However, this year has definitely seen an increase. 

Officials say the cars with valuables left on the seats while owners are inside stores, restaurants, movies, or the gym, have a higher likelihood of being burglarized.

Police says that a suspect will drive into a lot, and when they notice a bag that potentially is carrying a laptop, they smash the winds and grab it seconds.

Authorities determined that suspects are driving cars with stolen plates that they often ditch following the crime. 

Fremont, along with several cities across the Bay Area deal with these sort of crimes. 

Officials say many of the 11 suspects just arrested have had prior run-ins with law enforcement. Since those arrests, the department has seen a slight decrease in the burglaries reported.

The department will continue to increase their resources moving forward to inform the public and continue to decrease the number of thefts.

Fremont Police have a few things that you can do to help prevent your car from being broken into:

  • Remove ALL valuables from your parked car, especially laptops and high-end electronics
  • Share this information with your friends, neighbors and co-workers (feel free to share our posts to your social media accounts)
  • Be vigilant and report suspicious vehicles and activity
  • Install video surveillance
  • If you routinely travel or use your vehicle for work, consider purchasing a trunk storage case that can be locked and secured in your trunk



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