SAN LORENZO, Calif. (KRON) — Another Bay Area family is dealing with the theft of their French bulldog, and this family tells KRON4 their pup was stolen right from their front yard.

The theft reportedly occurred near Meekland Avenue and Lewelling Boulevard in San Lorenzo, and it took the family by surprise, “It’s like family. it’s like getting one of our kids taken away you know?” says Denise Esparza, one of the owners of the Frenchie named Bruno.

Bruno with his young family members

Esparza tells KRON4 that she and her husband received an alert on Friday that said Bruno had escaped the yard by digging a hole under the fend. It was then that the two suspects reportedly saw an opportunity. The two followed Bruno to his yard and grabbed him. They got into their Silver Hyundai and drove away.

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The family hopes the thieves will bring Bruno home so that he can celebrate his birthday on September 11. Bruno reportedly has a microchip, so if he is brought to a shelter he can be reunited with his family.