CROCKETT, Calif. (KRON) — There is growing frustration in the City of Crockett after several power outages occurred within the past week. Residents and business owners have been losing power since Saturday, Sept. 9.

Some businesses had to close their doors on Thursday due to another outage.

“These businesses, we’re trying to keep our doors open, but if you can’t have your power on, if I can’t process credit cards, nobody’s coming down,” said Sugar City Pet Supply owner Lisa Forry.

Forry says the power outages have also caused panic within the community.

“One of my friend’s son needs a ventilator. She was out of town when she got the alert. She had to rush home,” Forry said. “Last night, there were people in the senior citizen home stuck in the elevator.”

PG&E says the power outages are likely linked to equipment that is designed to go dark and prevent wildfires. Nearly 1,900 people have been impacted over the last five days, the utility company said.

“We don’t set our clocks anymore. Why bother if power is going to go out? ” said Forry.

Power has since been fully restored to everyone as of Friday morning, PG&E said.