SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Gabby Giffords has first-hand experience of what it is like to be the victim of gun violence. The former congresswoman was shot in the head 11 years ago during a campaign stop.  

Thursday, she spoke at Manny’s – the San Francisco political community space. She had a lot to say about the school shooting that happened in Uvalde, TX on Tuesday.  

“Our lives can change so quickly, mine when I was shot, but I never gave up hope,” she said “I choose to make a new start and to move ahead and to not look back. I am relearning slowly how to walk, how to draw, and how to make the country safer.”  

Giffords shared about her ongoing personal recovery from a brain injury after being shot in the head in an assassination attempt and mass shooting during a political event.  

“A better world is out there,” she said. “Change doesn’t happen overnight, and we can’t do it alone.”

Giffords spoke in a Zoom gathering sponsored by Manny’s. She launched Gun Owners for Safety following the Sandy Hook massacre where 20 children and six staff members were murdered.  Ever since, the organization has worked towards preventing gun violence while supporting the second amendment and fighting for national gun safety measures, including universal background checks, safe ownership practices and advocacy programs.

The owner of Manny’s said he plans to hold a vigil Friday night in San Francisco for the victims of Tuesday’s shooting and the massacre at the Tops Shopping Market in Buffalo last weekend. As for Giffords, she said it is now more important than ever to keep fighting for more gun protections.

“We are living in challenging times, but we are up for the challenge.”