PACIFICA (KRON) – At a Shell in Pacifica where the regular gas with cash is $6.69 — and with card it’s ten cents more.

Premium is $7.09 with cash and ten cents more with card.

Marin county is paying the highest average of any county, at $6.64. San Francisco and Napa counties are two cents cheaper.

At this point on average most gas stations across the Bay are charging in the high six dollar ranges on average.

The average across California is costing drivers $6.39.

Nationally gas costs $4.92 per gallon and these numbers just continue to climb.

The causes are complex. On one hand it’s a supply-chain issue lingering from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — and on the other hand gas prices always up go up as we head into summer.

Right now, there’s no relief in sight at the pump. Some people speculate the gas nationally could go up to $6 a gallon by late this summer.