SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Toll rates to cross the Golden Gate Bridge increased on Thursday, with extra costs depending on how you pay.

The Fast Trak rate is now $8.05, compared to the previous price of $7.70.

Pay-as-you-go rose by 20 cents to a new total of $8.60. And toll invoices increased by 35 cents, to be $9.05.

Officials say the price changes are a part of a five-year program approved back in 2019.

The funds will help to maintain the bridge and sustain bus transit and ferry services.

The bridge district plans to provide lower transit fares for people with clipper cards and those eligible for discounted rates.

But you can also save money now by taking the San Francisco Bay Ferry. It’s temporarily reducing rates for one year starting July 1.

Fares depend on where you’re departing from and whether you have a paper or electronic ticket.

The ferry is also releasing new schedules on all routes.

Officials say they will monitor ridership data while the new rates are in place.

They’ll take that information and use it to evaluate their options for the system’s fare structure in the future.