SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — As part of Google’s move to downtown San Jose with its massive Downtown West campus, millions of dollars will be invested for community benefits. 

Back in May, City Council members unanimously agreed to allow the tech giant to transform 80 acres of land that sits west of Highway 87 in San Jose. 

City leaders on Tuesday voted where they will allocate the initial $3 million payment. 

Google’s initial $3 million is the first payment of $7.5 million that will be used to address the community’s top priorities in supporting community stabilizing (anti-displacement) efforts and securing housing for residents impacted by COVID-19. 

The funds will also be distributed and used to run different types of programs, which include: 

  • Tenant education/outreach
  • Eviction protection services
  • Land trust pre-development work
Courtesy: City of San Jose Attorney’s Office and the Planning,
Building and Code Enforcement Department

Here’s a breakdown on how and when the $7.5 million will be spent:  

Over the next several months the city will distribute the $3 million in community benefit funds as the remaining $4.5 million is set to be paid by Jan. 4.