EMERYVILLE (KRON) – Governor Gavin Newsom visited a 100-percent affordable housing complex that’s nearing completion in Emeryville on Tuesday.

As the governor toured the property, he touted the efforts the state is now making through his recently passed budget to boost the production of affordable housing.

Newsom checked out Estrella Vista, a new 87-unit affordable apartment complex.

He says although the nearly $3-billion included in his newly passed budget to address housing and homelessness won’t necessarily impact this development.

He says the successful collaboration between the non-profit developer, EAH Housing, and the cities of Emeryville, Oakland, Alameda County, the state and federal governments to fund this $64-million project should serve as a blueprint for how to increase affordable housing throughout the state.

“The state of California cannot solve this issue — I assure you. The state as an entity cannot. Cities and counties working with the state and federal government can,” Newsom said.

The governor and the state legislature have agreed on a package of incentives still requiring an assembly vote and the governor’s signature.

He hopes an injection of money and the incentives will encourage cities and counties to amend or create ordinances to make it easier to approve and build new affordable housing.

The legislation will also allow the state to sue a city or county for falling short on production.

“With that money comes new rules, new regulations, new accountability, new focus. More regional strategies. Uh, and if we don’t see results, that money is going to be pulled back,” Newsom said.

EAH Housing will begin accepting applications for Estrella Vista on Monday.

The project is near completion. The doors are expected to open this fall.