SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Some passengers who were aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship are finishing up their two week quarantine and headed home on Wednesday.

The ship was forced to dock at the Port of Oakland earlier this month after some crew members and passengers tested positive for the coronavirus.

After two weeks in quarantine at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Steven and Michele Smith are finally heading home.

“Here we go, we are getting ready to leave Miramar, get on the bus and go get our rental car and drive back home to Paradise!” Steven said. 

The Smith’s should have returned home weeks ago after their Hawaiian vacation but due to a coronavirus outbreak on board the Grand Princess cruise ship they were on, they were quarantined once their ship finally docked in Oakland.

They spent 14 days inside a room on base in San Diego but said it was better than the ship because they had four windows they could open and were able to walk outside a bit.

Last week they were tested for COVID-19.

“We were tested one week ago Monday and we got our results back a couple days ago and we are negative so no virus here! We are very healthy!” Michele said. 

According to the California Office of Emergency Services, 63 passengers on board the Grand Princess cruise ship tested positive for coronavirus.

Steven and Michele say the trick to getting through their time in quarantine was remaining positive.

“Since we cant see family right away because of the stay at home in California, I’m looking forward to seeing our dog and the fish and feeding the cat and the birds and then helping move because we sold our house while we were in quarantine so we have five days to pack and move out of our 3200 square foot home and then start remodeling the house we have up in paradise,” Michele said. 

“I’m looking forward to getting back to work and getting paradise rebuilt, really looking forward to that,” Steven said.

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