Grieving family members of a woman killed in the Yountville Veterans Home shooting are speaking out about their loss Monday.

Jennifer Golick’s husband Marc Golick and her mother Lani Gray spoke during a press conference Monday in St. Helena.

Jennifer Golick was killed Friday along with two other women after being held hostage at the Yountville Veterans Home.

Authorities say Albert Wong, a 36-year-old Army veteran, used to be a resident of the Pathway Home, a nonprofit that helps post-9/11 military veterans reintegrate into civilian life, including by counseling clients with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The ordeal ended when police stormed the building and found Wong and three of the facility’s employees — Jennifer Golick, 42, Christine Loeber, 48, and Jennifer Gonzales, 32 — dead.

“It is with incredibly deep sadness that I mourn the loss of my wife, Dr. Jennifer Golick,” Marc Golick said. “She was a very beloved mother, sister, daughter, colleague, and a friend.”

“I have to tell you what a great lady she was and still is in my heart and how much I miss her,” Gray said. “I feel sadness throughout my entire body. I woke up yesterday morning crying in my sleep and when I got up I was still crying and I’m still crying inside and I will be forever.”