SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The San Francisco Health Department director’s message is alarming. Dr. Grant Colfax predicts hospitals will run out of ICU beds within three weeks.

Health officials sent the frightening reality check to residents on Sunday saying the city is seeing its worst COVID-19 surge, predicting a grim Christmas as ICU beds are expected to reach capacity by Dec. 26.

Every hospital in California is under this same stress. Another concern is that there won’t be a place outside of San Francisco to transfer people if beds run out.

Hospitals are overwhelmed and might not be able to care for those who need it, whether they are hospitalized with the virus or another medical condition.

Colfax says in the last month, hospitalizations have tripled. In the last week, they have increased by 35%.

By January 4, which is when the stay-at-home order is meant to end, Colfax predicts there could be 200 sick people in San Francisco in need of a bed if conditions don’t improve.

The director also refers to the shortage of nurses and doctors.

There aren’t enough health care workers to provide the best care to every patient.

This is exactly why the city has decided to lock down earlier than what the governor required. Governor Newsom said stay-at-home orders would be triggered for regions that drop to 15% capacity left in ICUs.

Parts of the Bay Area preemptively went under lockdown starting Dec. 6 to contain the virus before it gets that far.

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